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Journey to AcceptanceMy Journey to Acceptance

The Law of Attraction does not come easy for me. I’m a skeptic by nature, and the key to attracting what you want is to firmly believe in a concept that sounds like a bunch of hooey. If I can have everything I want, and I already want that stuff, then why don’t I already haveĀ it? Why doesn’t everyone? Well I won’t cover that in this page, but I will give you some background on how I got over my skepticism. The short version is that I took it for a test run and it worked. For the longer version, keep reading.

Let me rewind a few years.

In 2009 I was living in a suburb of Houston, Texas where I had lived for the majority of my life. I lived alone, had a decent job but I didn’t love it, and my financial situation was tenuous at best. I didn’t make nearly the money to afford the lifestyle I was trying to live, and each expensive dinner, each concert, each vacation put me further into debt. Did I enjoy doing all those things? Yes… for the most part. Always in the back of my head was a voice saying, “You shouldn’t have done that, you’re just going further into debt.”

In addition I suffered from chronic depression. I was overweight. I was divorced. I wasn’t completely miserable but I felt like a drifter. I didn’t have a purpose to my life and I was lonely.

The Secret

I had On-Demand at the time so I was browsing the available movies when I came across one that many of you may recognize called “The Secret.” It’s not something I would normally have watched but it intrigued me so I rented it. I had never heard of The Law of Attraction in those terms before. When I contemplated ‘law of attraction’ I thought about magnets and gravity. The movie enthralled me from beginning to end, and once it ended I felt really good… energized and ready to get started! My whole world had just changed and there was no going back.

So I went against my nature and started to believe that I could have anything I wanted. I noticed that whenever I was short of money I would get a random check in the mail, a refund for something I hadn’t expected, a gift card. It would always be just enough to pay for something I wanted but couldn’t afford. That money made it possible for me to enjoy whatever activity I used it on because the voice that always guilted me for spending money I didn’t have, had nothing to say.

I Test it Out

I decided to specifically test the law. There were some athletic shoes I had my eye on and I decided that if they came down to a certain price I would get them. It seemed ridiculous because the price I had in mind was about a third of retail… but a couple of weeks later I found them on sale and there was a coupon that made them exactly the price I wanted to pay.

I REALLY Test it Out

Perhaps the most impossible test I gave this law was a relationship.

My husband and I went to high school together. We never dated and didn’t really know each other well but we had mutual friends. He was something of a hellion and I was a band geek who (in my opinion) managed to transcend the geek part. It had been over a decade since I had seen him, much less thought about him.

But we had a friend in common, and that friend decided we would be a good match. I wasn’t so sure, but Mike and I began to talk anyway… we talked for HOURS. It was completely platonic at the time.

In 2007 it became something more than platonic, but we were miles away from each other, and I apparently still had some work to do. Long story short, I got cold feet and it ended before it got very far.

Fast forward to 2009… we hadn’t really been talking much since our “breakup” but as real friendships tend to do, we cycled back into each other’s lives; some random topic on a Facebook page probably. At that point he was coming home for a visit and I got the idea to have a party at my house. It was a really fun night and I found myself drawn to him like a magnet… but I had no right to feel that way because I had ended things with him and he was seeing someone else.

After that night we continued to talk and I started remembering the things I liked about him… how much we had in common… how easy it was to talk to him… the way he made me laugh. I decided I wanted him back. I told the Universe that he was the one. I created a visualization board and put a picture of him in the background, hidden behind all of the other photos on my board, partly because I didn’t want to have to explain it to anyone and partly because he was the foundation for everything else that I wanted.

It Took Some Effort

Now, the Universe didn’t do all the work — I laid my soul bare, telling him how I felt and what I wanted… but it worked. I believed he was mine already, and apparently he felt the same (also key), because we’ve been married for about four years now.

I think part of what makes the Law of Attraction work is that you must take action to get what you want. You have to want something bad enough to invest time and effort into getting it. Some things, like the shoes, are easy. The only action I had to take was to purchase them once they went on sale. Other things, bigger things, may take more effort.

That’s how it works.

I’m interested to know how many of you have experimented with The Law of Attraction. If you have, what kind of results did you get? Was it easy to believe or did you have a difficult time? Leave me a comment!

~ Kristy

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