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MarionHi, my name is Marion and I live in Adelaide, Australia.

My experiences with the Law of Attraction

Many years ago when I was a teenager – long before mobile phones and satellite navigators – I was travelling in a car with some friends on our way to a party.

Then things started to go wrong. The driver got lost in an unfamiliar area. And no-one in the car knew where we were or how to get back to a familiar place.

So we started saying “All we need now is…” and filled in the blanks. “All we need now is for the car to break down.” We all thought about this; “All we need now is for the car to break down.” and the car ran out of petrol. The car had ‘broken down’.

Next “All we need now is for the headlights to go out.” The battery went flat and the headlights went out, leaving us in a dark unfamiliar street.

policeThen “All we need now is for the police to come along.” The police arrived shortly.

And finally “All we need now is for the police to put us in the back of the ‘paddy-wagon’.” The police invited us to get into the back of their car (‘paddy-wagon’) so they could take us home.

This was my early experience with the Law of Attraction working within a group. Pretty powerful stuff. With so many minds concentrating on the same things we attracted those things into our existence. They became our reality. If you are religious you can relate this experience to the power of prayer.

All my life I have attracted things and events to become my reality. If I wanted a particular job it was offered to me. Relationships came my way. I first realized that I was in love with my future husband when I found myself wishing that I could meet someone just like my friend but younger. Of course there was no-one just like him and soon we started dating and eventually married despite the age difference.

My job changed and I was typesetting all day on a computerized typesetting machine. I didn’t like the change and within two weeks I developed tenosynovitis (swelling of the tendons) and I was forced to give up work. Twelve months later, realizing that I was pretty much unemployable I decided I needed to become self-employed. Worker’s compensation provided me with a lump sum so I bought into a franchise business. If my working conditions hadn’t changed I would not have become self-employed. I attracted that situation into my life.

phoneEven becoming ill had its compensations.

Years later, due to a virus, I had been living on social security for around three months. As I was recuperating I started thinking about finding a new job. I received a phone call from someone I had once worked with asking me if I wanted a job where he was employed. I jumped at the opportunity.

Whilst working in that job I was enrolled into a superannuation fund.

Then one day, after a long-weekend interstate driving trip to visit my daughter and my newborn grandson I was too tired to get up and go to work. So I asked for an extra day’s leave.

That was the start of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). During the next several weeks I missed at least one day a week because I was too ill to go to work. On the days I worked I would get home from work and sit in the car in the driveway for at least ten minutes to get enough energy to get out of the car and go into the house.

Eventually I was told by my employer that my work was not up to the expected standard and if I didn’t improve they would have to let me go. How could my work standard be 100% when my working ability was less than 50%? I quit.

Many months went by and I had to live on social security because I was too ill to work. Then I received a statement from the superannuation fund. I discovered that there was provision for loss of income so I applied for that. Imagine my surprise when what I had thought was a small lump sum turned out to be a monthly income.

The superannuation fund also included a lump sum payment for ‘Total and Permanent Disability’. I qualified and eventually received enough money to buy my house for cash.

my house

Google Maps Dec 2009

OK so it needed a lot of renovating.

Before I could even move in, the house needed plumbing work; the shower taps in the bathroom were stuck. The house had been part of a deceased estate and I suppose the elderly lady who had lived there had probably been having sponge baths instead of showering.

The color scheme was frightful. The bathroom hand-basin was mauve, the bath (with shower over) was lemon and the toilet was cream and dark brown.

Three different wallpapers to be removed and the walls painted again. Three different carpets throughout the house (all very old) to be pulled up and the beautiful pine floorboards underneath cried out for polishing.

I took out a mortgage and started fixing up my home.

my house

Google Maps Jul 2013

Today my house is exactly what I dreamed of. Off-white walls throughout, polished floorboards, new bathroom and new kitchen. This is what I attracted into my life. My modest dream home which I envisaged when I started looking for a house to purchase.

It’s enough for me for now. Eventually I may extend the house or buy another but for now it suits my lifestyle.

What have you attracted into your life?

The good, the bad and the down-right ugly? Please tell me your story in the comment section below.


9 Responses to About Marion

  1. Hi Marion,
    Interesting story. I am not sure that I am attracting the bad, but that life has good and bad. That they attract each other, that they try to control each other and that eventually they will transform each other with some type of balance for each other to exist in harmony. One can not exist without the other. This is my take.

  2. Bia says:

    Hi Marion,
    What a great story. I also have attracted many things in my life by using LoA consciously or unconsciously. Nowadays I am a lot more aware of it and it usually it works in my favor.
    Thanks for such inspiring website.

  3. Kiana says:

    Hi Marion

    I truly do believe in the laws of attraction and that we can honestly have good things in our lives. I too have pondered and tried to find ways in bettering my life and having some sort of fulfillment. No one said it was going to be easy but i put it all out in to the universe and ask for things in my life to happen. I always give back and to give thanks for what i have received in my life right now.

  4. Cheryl K says:

    This is very inspiring, Marion. I believe in the law of attraction but have struggled with really believing in myself.

    It’s something I really need to work on. Thank you for reminding me that I can do this!

  5. Sylvia says:

    Hi Marion,
    What a great story of yours. I have attracted in the past all that I wanted in my early career, back in Europe.
    I also knew at the age of 14 that I would leave Germany to live somewhere else, which I got, living in Canada.
    But, I also know the not so good, the self sabotaging. Especially when you are a person looking out for other people’s welfare and forget or in my case suppress the desires you have.
    It is a momentary a phase and I have once again the good I am seeking back into my life. Although I also do appreciate already what I have right now too.
    All the best to you.

  6. Simon Cuba 'n Dane says:

    I’ve attracted plenty of the bad and downright ugly but also some great things like you have. I now intend to do a lot better and keep my focus on the positive and off the negative. There’s no doubt about it, what goes round comes around and if it they are negative thoughts they always come back to bite you on the butt.
    No more bites!

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