How to Change Your Focus

How to change your focusHow to Change Your Focus

We moved into this house over a year ago and have had difficulty adjusting to the smaller space and awkward layout. It has been overcrowded and disorganized since day one, and in many ways still is, but it’s slowly getting better.

So what does this have to do with the Law of Attraction?

I had been focusing on what I didn’t want.

So what did I get? Exactly that. I was blocked. I wasn’t open to receiving possible solutions to the problem because I only saw the problem.

My first epiphany

Sunset by KristyWe bought a treadmill, so I had to get the ‘junk room’ organized, I had no choice. It wasn’t completely cleaned out but it felt so much more spacious and bright which made me feel good. Springboarding off of that small achievement, I decided to reorganize our bedroom, and that felt good. Just moving the bed to another wall made the room feel bigger and suddenly the layout made sense. But in moving the bed, the TV also had to move, and the only plausible spot was on top of my dressing table. The dressing table is an antique with a gorgeous mirror adjoined to it, but that was in the way now. I knew I was onto something but I wondered what to do with the mirror.


Our bathroom had no mirror when we moved in. We had little money to spare, so we’d been making do with a tiny mirror we already had; I painted it and called it good. It was far from a perfect solution, but I hung shelves on either side of it and tried to convince myself that if nothing else, it was ‘functional’.

Lately I’d been looking for a replacement but never found anything I really liked; I wanted something with character and nothing I saw impressed me. So when the other mirror needed to be relocated, it occurred to me that maybe it would fit in the bathroom. The surprising thing is not only did it fit, but the way I’d hung the other shelves fit it perfectly. If they had been even a quarter of an inch off in either direction it wouldn’t have worked, but it was perfect and the mirror looks amazing. The answer was right there in front of me the whole time. After that I painted the walls and re-stained the cabinets. The bathroom is now my favorite room in the house. It’s not done yet but those small changes made a huge impact.

Another Win

We had several photo albums stacked on the bottom of a plant shelf. They were disorganized, collecting dust, and we were afraid that any minute the dogs would decide to have a go at them. I was so desperate I’d even considered cutting some cardboard to fit the area and painting it to look like a door, just so I could hide it and wouldn’t have to look at the mess anymore.

I also have an old wooden pump organ that belonged to my grandfather, it is a gorgeous piece, but it doesn’t work and the keyboard is gone, so there is a big empty space in the middle where I stuffed pillows and quilts that we didn’t use. It had become another eyesore.

A few months back we brought home quite a few pallets to disassemble for a project that never got off the ground. It occurred to me that the pallet wood might fit into that space to create a shelf. I don’t use saws so it either worked or it didn’t, I was at the mercy of the carpenter who originally cut it and my fingers were crossed. To my surprise it fit exactly. So I moved the blankets elsewhere and created a shelf for the photo albums. Instead of a jumble, now they are organized and, better yet, out of reach, safe from the dogs.

My point here is twofold:

  1. Law of Attraction isn’t just about attracting money or love into your life, you can attract anything you want or need.
  2. You have to focus on what you do want. Let what you don’t want be a blip on the radar that brings what you do want into focus, but don’t let it be your focus.

Because I changed my mindset I can see the potential in this house now and I look forward to little projects here and there that will further improve the functionality of our home. The layout still sucks but now I’m thinking outside of the box and my workarounds are doing wonders for my state of mind… and you know what? The layout doesn’t seem as dysfunctional as it did before.

Have you been focusing on what you don’t want? Try a shift in your thinking and let us know what happens.


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