Law of Attraction Affirmations Free Video Bundle

law of attraction affirmations free video courseLaw of Attraction Affirmations Free Video Bundle

You can achieve your dreams by reciting the positive law of attraction affirmations in this free video bundle, includes audio MP3s and transcript.

Law of attraction affirmations and positive thinking draw in energy from the universe and focus it within the subconscious to bring about changes in your life. We have limitless power to alter the world around us, to manifest the life we desire, to attract positive and advantageous events, experiences and individuals.

However, we may also attract damaging and destructive events, experiences and individuals. This is the basis of the law of attraction.

thinkingWhatever you think about the most becomes your experience.

Repeating law of attraction affirmations helps you think about the positive experiences you want to attract. And it’s virtually impossible to think positive and negative thoughts simultaneously. You have a choice! Affirmations can and will change your life.

writeWrite out your law of attraction affirmations

Print or write out your affirmations and keep them in a place where you will see them often. Place your hand over your heart and recite the affirmations out loud with true emotion and belief. Believe in yourself because you can make your dreams come true.

I recommend reciting law of attraction affirmations upon waking and just before sleep. During the day take a few minutes to repeat the law of attraction affirmations as often as you can. The more time you spend on positive thinking the less time you’ll have for negative thoughts. You are what you think.

Law of Attraction Affirmations Video

With this video you will learn how make your dreams become your reality by using positive law of attraction affirmations such as:

tickSpiritual Affirmations

tickSelf-Help Affirmations

tickFinancial and Wealth Affirmations

tickFame and Fortune Affirmations

tickLeadership Affirmations

tickAnd so much more…

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